Catastrophic Bodily Injury Wrongful Termination Sexual Harassment / Abuse


Mann & Kytle are energetic and persistent attorneys with over 60 collective years of experience righting wrongs and fighting for justice and full compensation for:

  • People who have suffered life-changing bodily injuries
  • People who have suffered brain injuries
  • People who have career damage from wrongful termination
  • People who have suffered the cruelty of discrimination and harassment
  • People who have suffered sexual abuse from teachers, priests or other persons of authority

We take the time to listen to our clients and get to know you and what is important to you.

We learn the depth and breadth of the injuries you have suffered, physical injuries, career and financial injuries, and especially injuries to their dignity and spirit. We value our clients and want them to feel empowered by our willingness to fight powerful opponents with them.We have a history of working hand in hand with our clients, sometimes finding answers in days, but sometimes persisting for years, consulting, mediating, litigating and when necessary pursuing appeals all the way to the Supreme Courts to right serious wrongs.