$8,500,000 Severe Injury from Collapse of equipment due to metal fatigue
$3,750,000 Workman with severe back injuries from failure of operator’s seat on wallboard crane
$3,750,000 Workman severely injured when hit by negligent crane operation
$1,850,000 Retaliation, hostile work environment, and wrongful termination. Jennett v. Jefferson Community Counseling (Judgment after Jury Trial)
$1,484,000 Racial discrimination and retaliation against group of Black railroad employees
$1,200,000 Racial discrimination and retaliation with wrongful termination. Bunch v. King County (Supreme Court Decision)
$1,200,000 Wrongful termination with disability discrimination, failure to make reasonable accommodations and retaliation. Clifton v. Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
$1,000,000 Threats, defamation and false arrest
$810,000 Age discrimination and retaliation with wrongful termination of 4 older teachers. Lee, McAndrews, Glenn and Rich v. Bellevue School District
$816,000 Wrongful termination, hostile work environment and retaliation against female volunteer fire fighter. Walker v. Highline Fire District
$750,000 Disability discrimination
$600,000 Wrongful layoff, harassment and retaliation against County Human Resource Manager
$500,000 Wrongful death in custody. Gregoire v. City of Oak Harbor (Supreme Court Decision)
$500,000 Whistleblower retaliation and wrongful termination by major defense contractor
$453,000 Failure to make accommodations for disability of older worker. Gay v. Snohomish County
$425,000 Hostile work environment and retaliation
$425,000 Teacher abuse of school girls
$360,000 Disability discrimination with forced retirement. Cook v. Washington State Patrol
$300,000 Racial Harassment of African American employee in major corporation
$20,000 – $300,000 Many injury claims and employment discrimination related claims