Experts in Settlements, Mediation, & Trial

Mann & Kytle, PLLC uses all the tools available to handle complex legal matters for individuals. We do not represent Corporations. We take time to listen in personal consultations, we are expert in settlement negotiations, mediations and we take cases to trial to seek what our clients are entitled to.


Catastrophic Bodily InjuryCatastrophic Bodily Injuries

Whether you or a family member has been injured in a truck or car collision, injured by a defective product or a family member wrongfully killed by another’s wrongful conduct, we can represent you in getting just and complete compensation.

Wrongful TerminationWrongful Termination

Damage to a career or breadwinner’s paycheck or dignity can be as devastating as a bodily injury. We listen to our clients and evaluate the feasible options to obtain remedies both financial and non-economic. Through administrative agencies, demand letters, and lawsuits, we level the playing field with huge employers and seek judgments and settlements for our clients.

Sexual Harassment/AbuseSexual Harassment/Abuse

“Discrimination threatens the foundations of a free and democratic state” — Washington State Legislature. We have a history of cutting edge representation in harassment, abuse and discrimination cases where serious damages have been caused by unlawful conduct.

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