Catastrophic Bodily Injuries

In a moment, our ability to walk, breathe, travel, speak, support ourselves, care for ourselves, can be tragically altered.

The shock of a catastrophic injury, and even death, of a loved one requires immediate and expert action.

We work with a team of professionals ready to assist you. While you are caring for loved ones, your legal team is investigating, documenting and advising you on avenues for meeting your family’s needs for care and compensation.

Whether the injury is caused by a freeway collision, defective products, toxic chemicals, defective drugs, on the job injuries, or hazardous conditions, immediate efforts are needed to obtain the evidence to prove who was responsible for the harm, and to prove the extent of the damage to the person and their life and their family.

Recovery can come from many sources including the claims against many potential responsible people or companies, drivers, road designers, governments, manufacturers, owners of premises where injury occurred; employers of the person causing the harm, and many more.

The maze of insurance coverage in today’s world can also provide unexpected avenues for recovery including the injured person’s insurance, the responsible driver’s insurance, an employer’s insurance, company liability insurance, government risk pools, homeowner’s insurance, umbrella insurance policies, and many other possible sources.

It is important not to sign away your rights until you have had advice and know all the future damages and costs of care and costs for living and insurance coverages and responsible parties that could help provide for care and all the costs and harms associated with the disability. Often a “life care plan” must be developed by a professional to anticipate the real costs of living with disabilities and limitations.


  1. Get the names and contact information of everyone who is involved in or witnesses the injury and everyone who comes in contact with the injured person and property after the injury.
  2. Get police reports and accident reports from any incidents where police are called.
  3. Take pictures of injuries and property damage, and keep documents, parts, evidence safe and secure.
  4. Keep a diary with dated entries, of everything that happens following a serious injury, whether it seems important or not.
  5. Keep notes of what people say to the injured person about the injury or causes of harm.
  6. Get legal advice from a reputable firm as soon as possible and ask for help.

Most injuries result in complete recovery and normal life. For those that don’t, the law provides that responsible parties should provide full compensation for the costs and personal damages.

We are proud that we have been able to make a difference in the lives of many injured clients and their families, and we are honored to work hard for people referred to us.