Class Act & Genuine

“Mary Ruth is a genuine, caring and extremely knowledgeable lawyer. Throughout my case (which went on for 3 years) I was kept up to date on the latest developments. As each obstacle came about I was thoroughly informed of my options as how I could proceed and loved the fact that I was in the officers seat and made the decisions.

Her knowledge of the law and my rights was impressive. It was evident why she is such a highly reputable and sought after lawyer. The fact she only takes cases she truly believes in and not just anyone who walks through the door impressed me.

Ms Mann (as well as her staff) treated me as family and not just a client. She was genuinely concerned about my well-being and health every step of the 3 yr ordeal. When things got heated and I needed a break or to take a time out we did. People will never truly understand how stressful a law suit and trial are until they go through it themselves! She sacrificed many holidays as well as weekends to do what needed to be done!

I would highly recommend Mary Ruth to anyone who is looking for a quality and passionate lawyer. I will continue to refer her to family and friends!”

— Discrimination Client

Great Lawyer

“I recommend James Kytle. James handled my Personal Injury matter. Jim Kytle is a great lawyer. He always kept me well informed and did well with my case. I highly recommend him.”

— Personal Injury Client

Optimum Lawyer with Integrity & Strength

“I have had Ms Mann as my attorney since 1994 and she, to this day, advises me every step of the way despite the fact that my lawsuit was settled.

She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, more like a genius really. The most important thing to me, was and still is, how truly she cares and tries for her client; she gives her best and is always looking out for her client. She is very honest, not materialistic at all, ethical, and fair. I feel blessed to have had her as my attorney and have the respect of the world for her.”

— Employment Client

Justice Served

“Mary Ruth successfully represented me in an employment action against a local government agency. I sought Mary Ruth out to represent me and I am very pleased I did. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, honest, trustworthy and she worked diligently on my case. Mary Ruth was my support and my strength during this trying time. Not only would I use her services again, I have referred many individuals to her. Mary Ruth is a top-notch attorney and I am so thankful for all she has done for me. She is the best!”

— Discrimination Client

Heart of Gold

“Mary Ruth defended me in an employment action against a WA police department. She was amazing. She really cared about the outcome and about my wellbeing. She handled the case with finesse and class. I don’t really think I can ever truly thank her for what she did for me. She helped me hold those officers accountable. We did not prevail in the case but that was not due to her lack of skill or efforts. It was a small town in eastern Washington with a lot of external ramifications to all parties. No one could do a better job for you. She has heart, intelligence a strong working ethic and a moral compass.”

— Employment Client

Justice for All

“Long story short…I had no witnesses to the horrific sexual assault that happened to me and was dropped by 4 attorneys that I believe were only after money and when their “demand letter” didn’t work they were done. I was called by a legal secretary of one of the attorney’s (that had just quit) from the last attorney that I was dropped from and was given Mary Ruth’s number. The truth is the truth and I wanted justice and Mary Ruth knew it, felt it and fought like no other to defend and protect me to the end when we got JUSTICE. I never stop thinking about her and how she saved my life to this day, because I think I would have tried to fight until the end of my life. The extreme lengths she went to fight for justice amazed me and the “other side”. She remained so very strong in the midst of the savage wolves (the “other side” & their attorney firm) while I was fighting the fight of my life, barely staying alive from pain while she got stronger every single day. There is no better attorney on earth.”

— Sexual Harassment Client

Miracle Worker

“Mary Ruth was wonderful to work with. She has a high level of integrity. Mary Ruth knew how to be gentle when it was called for and aggressive when it was needed. I felt she truly cared about the indignities that I suffered at the hands of my prior employer. Mary Ruth and her skilled team brought me a sense of justice at the end of a nightmare. I felt she was motivated to right a wrong rather than being motivated by the money aspect. Mary Ruth was always available to me. She respected my needs and wants with genuine sensitivity and care. Mary Ruth is a rare gem within the legal realm. I am glad I was lucky enough to find her.”

— Wrongful Termination Client

Lawyer with Most Integrity

“I had the privilege of having Mary Ruth Mann as my representative in a lawsuit. I worked with her for over 10 years. She goes beyond smart and talented; she is a genius in law but most of all she does not compromise her clients and is very honest and respectful of herself and the people around her. Her integrity is beyond measure and her strength is impressive. Thank you, Mary Ruth.”

— Discrimination Client

Client Review

“Excellent people skills. Kept me informed constantly and I felt she was there for me. Have used her services more than once and refer her out on a regular basis to potential clients. I have been asked for her name and number by numerous persons who were aware of my situation and needed help themselves. Highly ethical and intelligent. No surprises.”

— Discrimination Client